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Rosacea Causes

Rosacea is recognized as a chronic and inflammatory skin disease. The disease has been found to affect almost 14 million individuals in America. Different signs that are involved with the outbreaks of Rosacea on your skin are: facial skin getting red, blood vessels that are damaged visible on your cheeks and nose, pimples and bumps. Rosacea also causes eyelid inflammation and eyes, on a whole, getting sore.

Food as a Rosacea Cause

Food is not amongst the primary Rosacea cause. However, it makes the skin redness that follows Rosacea to get worse. There are particular foods that should be avoided when you are affected with Rosacea. Those foods include anything made from spices as it releases niacin and histamine, which causes the face to get flushed. Some physicians even advice Rosacea patients to avoid tomatoes, avocado, eggplant, cheese, spinach and chocolate for similar reasons.

Role of Exercise in Rosacea

Some people believe that exercise is also amongst the probable Rosacea causes that aggravates the disease. The ground of their belief is that during exercising, blushing of the face skins is more. However, following the exercise, facial skin comes back to a shape that it was prior to the exercise. Physicians believe that exercises are excellent for you when done in an environment that is cool for continuous short durations. When you are finished with exercising, it is clearly visible that you are getting hydrated.

Usage of Drugs on Your Skin

Usage of cortisone creams for a longer period might also be amongst the Rosacea causes. However, it usually vanishes in a short period. There are different drugs that can also be concluded to be a part of Rosacea causes. They include cholesterol-lowering agents and vase-dilating drugs.

Exact Rosacea Causes Still Unproven

Scientists have little idea about the exact Rosacea causes. They have come up with some vascular Rosacea causes and bacteria Helicobacter Pillory living in your stomach and also accountable for ulcer in the stomach. There are great possibilities that following treatments through different drugs (antibiotic), Rosacea might disappear. However, this has not been proven completely as of now.

Certain Remedies For Rosacea

Individuals should always opt for face cleansers having no amount of oil fragrance and soap. These cleansers act soothingly upon your skin without influencing the normal Ph balance of your body. You should avoid the usage of aftershave and astringent cleansers. Since Rosacea-affected skins are usually dry, it is advisable that usage of rough towels or brushes should be avoided for rubbing your facial skin.

In the colder weather, you should cover your nose and cheeks with a scarf. A sunscreen lotion is also beneficial because sunrays might cause more harmful effects on the sensitive skin. A blend of sunscreen lotion and moisturizer on your skin should be put up on sun-exposed areas of your body in both winter and summer.

There are numerous cases where the individuals severely affected with Rosacea. However, it should not be mistaken that every individual having Rosacea might end up with similar fate. It is true that Rosacea can never be totally cured. However, the effects associated to Rosacea can have correction with continuous laser therapy.

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